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I LOVE the dark color scheme (or lack of color :shrug:) Something about that just captures the very idea of hopelessness and utter despair.

The sketchy-ness makes me think of how life can be so crazy we feel as if we`re in an incomplete and shifting reality.

I also like the dark clouds creeping around the girl, another metaphor for hopelessness- Cloudy-ness, nothing makes sense, purpose can be distorted or our placement in the world is lost.
The type of text you used also really sets the theme well while also directing the viewer to the light at the top.

Overal, I just love, LOVE this piece. It definitly differs from your other pieces which is kind of refreshing (but at the same time I still like your other stuff alot too.)
I didn`t give it a perfect score because I felt that it could have gone somewhere "more". I`m not ignoring the fact you said it was a work in progress, actually it feels very completed and unlacking. I`m just thinking something (without knowing exactly what) could have been altered to add alot more to it.
Ehh...but you can ignore that really. I love this picture SO MUCH!! The emotional pull is just, wow.

Keep it up!
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TinyMintyWolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012   Digital Artist
Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to critique!! I'm sooooooo glad you were able to interpret the symbolism I was going for, too :'D And yeah, I agree with you about it could have gone somewhere "more." Perhaps someday I'll add something else to it :aww: Thanks again for the helpful feedback!
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